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21 Day Full Body Challenge

It is time to RESHAPE, REFOCUS, and REDEFINE your body and mind. Whether you’re wanting
to lose weight, gain weight, develop curves or a solid foundation then this one is for you! 
As the year begins, this 21 Day Full Body Challenge will give you fantastic results to help you 
jump start the new year!

It is time to work hard. It’s time to let all of your excuses take a back set for these next 21 days. This is the Plan you start with to change your life, body and approach to toning your body.

Our Plan Includes:


  • Detailed Online Videos

  • Workout Guide

  • Both at Home & Gym Workouts


  • Food Plan Education (What to & Not to Eat)

  • Water Intake

  • Protein and Supplement Recommendations

Tracking & Motivation

  • Require a “before” photo upon sign up

  • Require an “after” photo once challenge has ended

  • We will be there to help guide, encourage, and keep you motivated through our emails and social media platforms

STARTS: APRIL 29th - May 19th, 2019

If you are ready to work hard and follow our guidance, we guarantee real results. We will choose ONE WINNER of the 21 Day Full Body Challenge who will receive a $300.00 Gift Card. LET'S GO!