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Our Story

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about who we are!

James & Loquacious Maxwell are the Owners and Founders of MAX Fit and Nutrition, LLC here in Charlotte, NC. Head Chef and Certified Personal Trainer James Maxwell is a fitness guru and nutritionist. He is widely recognized for his expertise in functional training, his commitment to developing innovative fitness techniques, and his tremendous passion for wellness and cooking. With over 6 years in the fitness industry and 14 years in the food industry, Maxwell’s boundless energy and dynamic approach only adds to the experience his clients enjoy. With a client list as diverse as his cooking and training methods, Maxwell emphasizes strength training tactics that can be transferred from the gym to daily life.

Our Mission

At MAX Fit and Nutrition, LLC it is our mission is to provide the highest quality foods at affordable prices by spreading health and wellness through nutritious meals that you will enjoy! Our meals are perfectly portioned in microwave safe containers, so that all you have to do is heat them up!

Our motto is “Sweat in the GYM. Not in the KITCHEN.” We make it easy for you to eat healthy as our meals provide the convenience of no shopping, prepping, or cooking to suit your busy lifestyle. We guarantee our food is not only packed with boundless flavor but also beneficial to your body and quality of life. We are not like other meal prep services. Our meals are cooked, created, produced, and designed by a trained chef with 14 years of experience. This is not a hobby. This is a lifestyle. So what are you waiting for?!